Submissive Escort

London BDSM Playmate

In call

I would like to welcome you to my neat narrow boat  where we could have a discreet and passionate time. Starting with classical sex, tantra and ropes, toys and kissing. If you have any fantasies deep down in your head then here is a place to explore them all. I am submissive by nature and there is a crazy thrill of being dominated yet I enjoy love making in many forms. I am up to try new things in BDSM arena as long as they are safe for both of us. I genuinely love sex and I am most pleased to be doing sex work! I have amazing orgasms when having anal and a dick is a sweetest thing on earth. So with all that in mind I am sure that we can go where the flow brings us and burn in a passion until we can only breath recovering after orgasms. 


Out call

If you want to explore the dungeon, a sex party or a castle in a middle of France and have truly memorable time with me as your submissive - just let me know and we can talk about it. I am genuinely loving and communicative. I love seeing new places and meeting beautiful people and discovering the world. 

Web cam

Even though I enjoy real touch and kisses I know that not everyone is based in London. Sometimes online sex that it is the best thing we could have to experience intimacy and pleasure.’we can explore multiple bdsm scenarios and ideas that may one day come to life.


let's play and make a proper mess with my friends.