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London's Independent Pre-Raphaelite Companion

What is Pre-Raphaelite?


In today’s world I lack feeling of magic and beauty. That is why I want to create a space which is lit by the candles, where the fog fills all that surrounds, and lovers can meet with their soft lips for a tender kiss. When I discovered Pre-Raphaelite movement, suddenly all started to make sense. For long time I believed that I was conceived when a thunder stroke the blossoming almond tree. Such a feeling I carry inside, these two spirits of passion and tenderness, something I inherited from my ancestors. Both powerful and both living in peace and content. I was looking at the painting ‘’The tree of forgiveness” by E. Burne-Jones and I could see myself traveling time. Coming back in XXI century yet deeply rooted in Victorian times with my soul, deep love for poetry and having time to get bored by the moonlight.


Ideal clients


My ideal client is someone genuine and kind. If we could dive into pleasures together with gentle kisses and then try to explore something darker, the idea of that makes me shiver! I don’t believe in conventional beauty standards and I would never judge people by their color, race or religion. How could I? We all are so much more than that. Why to limit oneself by any tiny boxes?

I noticed that man who bargains always tend to be less sexy. Yet if you come with a true desire to share special time then I would relax and let myself be carried away by the passion of sucking and licking, of all that makes mind go wild.

I am delighted to entertain my beloved clients as an independent Pre-Raphaelite escort. The connection is the most important for me. Yes, this is a profession as well as my calling. Yet I do it not only for money, I do enjoy it.  

I started escorting while I was studying in Royal School of Art, London. Having lots of time while drawing with gold and silk I would dream of lovers coming by and kissing my neck. Then we would both retire to our worlds without any questions; mine full of poetry and music and my lover into the world full of challenges and hard work. I respect and admire people doing their serious jobs while I try to do my best to provide a space of relaxation, acceptance and loads of relaxation. 

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